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We all know that administrators can't be on the servers 24/7 looking out for trouble makers. However, players can assist us in catching them. This page explains how.

Change your name

If you change your name to admin_needed, it will be sent to our private IRC channel. An administrator should pick it up shortly and get back to you.

Please be aware that other players will see this, and may stop misbehaving. We recommend using the method to talk to administrators privately (explained below).

Come along to IRC

The quickest way to let us know what is happening is to tell an operator (someone with the @ sign) on our IRC channel.

Talk to us privately

To send a message that only administrators can see do this:

  1. Press your team say button (normally 'u').
  2. Enter one at '@' sign at the beginning of your message.
  3. Type the rest of your message and press enter.

Nobody who isn't an administrator can see that type of message, apart from the player who sent it (you).

The message will also be sent to administrators on our private IRC channel.

Good and bad examples of the private chat

It helps us if we know what we are wanted for. Good examples of the private chat are:

The following uses really do not help at all. Please do not use them.

Please also do not abuse this facility. We will ban players who continuously ignore administrator responses.

Nobody is coming! What should I do?

Record a demo clearly showing the problem. For instructions on that, visit the demo recording tutorial. Submit your recorded demo on our message board.

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