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We have recently started exchanging links with Sven Co-op community websites.

The links are simply a small image (88x31 pixels) at the bottom of our menu. We will happily exchange links with your website providing these conditions are all met.

  1. Your website is about Sven Co-op - whether it's about mapping, files, or whatever.
  2. Your website must not contain any cheats, hacks, pornography, or otherwise object-able material.
  3. Your link image does not exceed 16kB.
  4. ..and finally, you place our image on your website linking back to us.

We will visit your website first before approving it to ensure these conditions are met. Also, we will store your link image locally to ensure it's visible and convert it to GIF format if necessary.

Our link image looks like this:

Multiplay UK Sven Co-op Community

<a href="http://sc.multiplay.co.uk"><img src="http://sc.multiplay.co.uk/images/affiliates/mpuksc.gif" alt="Multiplay UK Sven Co-op Community" title="Multiplay UK Sven Co-op Community" style="width: 88px; height: 31px; border: none;" /></a>

To submit your link please contact the site manager, Adam Reece.

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