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This is our file pool for Multiplay UK Sven Co-op.


Our files are available at high speed on our sister site, Fileplay.
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14 file(s) in here.

The game itself, upgrades, and fixes.
Sven Co-op 4.8 - Installer (9547)
Sven Co-op 4.8 - Archive (3327)
10 file(s) in here.

Add-on packs including maps, models, and other in game content for Sven Co-op.
Player Model Pack (4535)
Model pack: Player models for 4.0 (3703)
Map pack: Classics from 3.0 (3111)
GCF Scape (3072)
Source Server FPS Booster (2458)
Map pack revisions
12 file(s) in here.

As of November 2007, map pack revisions will remain available here.
Revision: 19th December 2007 (2591)
Revision: 7th November 2007 (2572)
Revision: 1st July 2013 (2476)
Revision: 14th November 2007 (2371)
Revision: 23rd November 2007 (2319)
2 file(s) in here.

Files not related to Sven Co-op or used in game.
SK Player (2585)

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