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I am currently re-writing this page to include more IRC clients. Only the mIRC section is completed at the moment.

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QuakeNet authentication

Authenticating on the QuakeNet IRC network will be similar for any IRC client you choose to use. The only difference is where you store the auth command to be used when the IRC client is started.

Being registered on QuakeNet's authentication services allows channel managers to store permissions about you and verify who you are (prevents impersonations). It also allows you to hide your IP address from all other IRC users, exept yourself and server operators.

Type this command to register yourself on QuakeNet's authentication service bot. You can type it in any window while connected to QuakeNet.

/msg Q HELLO your@email your@email

The current nickname you are using becomes your registered username, although this does not reserve your nickname in any way. Neither does it stop you using different nicknames while signed in.

Make sure your email address is entered twice for each of those. If the bot tells you your account is made, check your email and follow the welcome instructions. These may appear in your Junk folder so check them too. This used to be common for hotmail/MSN mailboxes.

It's just a case of clicking a link on the email and entering a code to verify you're a human. You will be told your password.

Once that is done you should change your password to something you can remember. First sign in with the following command.

Sign in:
/auth username password

You can then change your password with the following command.

Change password:
/msg Q@CServe.quakenet.org NEWPASS old new new

Replace old with your current password, and new (twice) with the new one you want to use. You can use a different password for QuakeNet and Multiplay if you wish to. Make sure it's a good password though (minimum of 8 characters, mixture of numbers and letters, and preferibly a non-alphanumeric character in there somewhere).

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QuakeNet command reference

Here are some QuakeNet service commands you will likely require at some point in the future.

All commands will begin with /msg Q with the exception of signing in and changing your password, which require the full service address /msg Q@CServe.quakenet.org for security purposes. These are marked with an asterisk *.

Command Parameters Description
hello email email email: Your email address to receive your password (must be specified twice). Register an account for yourself on QuakeNet services. Your current nickname will be your username if it's available.
* auth username password username: Account name
password: Account password
Sign in with your QuakeNet account. This is needed to retrieve your channel permissions. You must disconnect if you wish to sign out.
* newpass old new new old: Your current password.
new: The new password you want (must be specified twice).
Change your QuakeNet account password.
invite channel channel: The channel you want to be invited to. Asks Q to invite you to a channel that you are known on. This is useful if you forget the password to a channel you know you're allowed in, or nobody else is around to invite you in.
unbanme channel channel: The channel you want to be unbanned from. Asks Q to unban you from a channel you have operator access on. This is useful if you find yourself banned for joining a channel that requires authentication prior to signing in.
users channel channel: The channel you want a detailed user listing for. Asks Q to list all the users in a channel. You will be shown details such as their nick name, operator status, user name, flags, and hostmask.
showcommands None See a full listing of QuakeNet service commands.
help command command: The command you'd like more information on. Display more detailed information about any command from the QuakeNet services.

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