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Join through an IRC client

If you already use an IRC client such as mIRC, X-Chat, irrsi, or ChatZilla, you will only need this information to join:

Channel: #mpuksc
Network: QuakeNet
Please keep your chat clean!

mIRC users can click here to quickly join!

You may like to use mIRC for Windows instead of this web applet for richer functionality. If you would like help, see our mIRC installation guide.

If you require an administrator, ask for one and wait for one to reply either in the channel or via private message. Please don't contact administrators via PM first, and don't complain about bans in public.

Join through your web browser

You may not want to install and configure an IRC client just to get on our chat rooms, so you can do it through your web browser instead.

Connect to IRC
Primary nickname
Alternative nickname In case your primary one is taken.
Real name Make it up if you want.
Server Select the country you are in, or closest to.
Channels to Join #mpuksc - Multiplay's Sven Co-op community channel.
This channel is for Sven Co-op players to chat general.

#mpuksc_admins - Multiplay's Sven Co-op administrator channel.
This channel is for players to report troublemakers in one of our servers or query a ban. Do not join this channel if you have nothing to discuss with administrators. Also do not stay in this channel once your query is over.

#multiplay - Multiplay's general community channel.
This is a place for players of all games to have a nice chat.

You can join any channel you like while connected.
Client to use

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