Hey guys :)

If you've played on any of the Multiplay TF2 servers recently you'll have noticed a few changes have been made. First of all, the servers have a new home / are under new management with the UK based eSports / gaming organisation, fm-eSports. In partnership with Multiplay, the servers will remain exactly as they are but with ambitions to grow and expand whilst creating more of a community around them!

The servers themselves remain on the same IP/Ports so nothing changes there and the changes on the servers themselves are minimal (at most they have a slight name change that you probably won't even notice and have a 1 line chat area advert every few minutes) to ensure that gameplay remains as untouched as possible.

We'd like to thank the previous admin team that worked hard to make the servers what they are today and they'll always be welcome on the servers. We are however recruiting new, additional admins and if you're interested in getting involved, please see our page HERE.

fm-eSports was (and is) built around a community at heart and with these Team Fortress 2 servers being added to our existing Counter Strike: Global Offensive, DayZ and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare servers, we welcome any of the players to join our forums and get involved with our new community. We look forward to seeing you on the servers!

If you have any questions for us or have any suggestions, please do feel free to use our contact form (or if it's a game/server specific suggestion, feel free to use the relevant sub-forum) and we'll get back to you.

Bret & the fm-eSports team


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