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  1. What is a demo?
  2. Why do administrators ask for them?
  3. Recording a demo
  4. Sending it to us

What is a demo?

A demo is a file which stores sequences of events from the game, so it can be played back another time.

Unfortunately, a demo can't be played directly with any media player. You can only play it from the game. However, it is possible to convert a game demo to a video file.

The console is also included in the demo. This is why you should type status in the console after you start recording it, to log who was in the game.

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Why do administrators ask for them?

Our administrators can't possibly be on the servers 24/7. Thefore, we can't see and hear absolutely everything that goes on. Sometimes, we also forget or miss things that happen.

A demo recording what goes on is a fine way to prove what's been happening, and who was involved.

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Recording a demo

To record a demo, firstly open the game folder and join a server if you haven't already.

Open the console with the ` (UK keyboards) or ~ (USA keyboards). It's the key to the left of number 1, and above the TAB key.

Start recording by typing:
record filename
Replace the word filename with the name of the file you want to save the demo as (do not put .dem at the end, this is done for you). If the filename already exists it will be overwritten without warning!

The demo should be named in relation to it's contents, like name-incident. Some examples are:

omg stupid hacker ruined the game!!!!.dem has no meaning. Use a sensible filename.

Once you submit the command, recording will begin. Everything you see and hear is recorded, along with what happens in the console.

The first thing you should do now is type status in the console. This will put a list of the players in the console, so whoever is going to watch the demo can find out exactly who is present.

Be sure to clearly watch the person who is causing trouble, but do not make it too obvious. When you think you have enough footage, open the console and type stop to end recording. You will be notified that the demo has finished recording.

That's it! You have recorded a demo to a file. The next step is sending it to us (next section).

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Sending it to us

Now that you have your demo recorded, you need to send it to us.

Firstly, open Windows Explorer and navigate to your account content folder, which is normally located at:
C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\Steamapps

You will find your demo file in the folder specific for the game it was recorded in, under the same name you specified in the console.

Game folders would include:

Because demo files are quite large, sending it as it is over most Internet connections will take quite a while.

Please put it in a ZIP or RAR archive (RAR provides the smallest size).


Windows XP already has ZIP compression functionality available. Right click your demo file, select Send To then select Compressed (zipped) Folder.

Once it's compressed, E-Mail the ZIP archive to Adam Reece.

If you can, set the message subject to MPUKSC Demo: Name / ID - Offence, replacing name with the player's name, ID with the Steam ID of the player, and offense with what they did (blocking, abusive, etc). If you are unsure of this, just put something relative.

Include a brief description of what happened in the E-Mail message content, then send it to us.

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