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This page will inform you who administrators are, what they do, and how you can volunteer as one.

Administrators are people hired and trusted by Multiplay Communities to assist maintaining a high quality gaming experience for the general public by teaching and justly discipline when required.

If administrators were paid as a full time job for the work they put in, one person would be required for each game Multiplay run a community for. Unfortunately this isn't the case. One person simply does not have the time to monitor and maintain our servers 24/7; as all Multiplay staff have their own lives to run. Because of this a handful of volunteers are required to assist maintain the high quality gaming experience for all players which we currently provide.

We are also people who have proved ourselves trustworthy of using special access to various resources responsibly and maintaining confidentiality where appropriate.

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Here are the requirements of an administrator here. These are the characteristics we look for when recruiting administrators. Even if you think you can't match them right away, over time you should be able to adapt. Most people can.

  1. Provide a share of his or her free time to play on our game servers assisting players and dealing with issues.
    By a share, we don't expect you to show up all day every day. We understand you have your own life to run, bills to pay, etc. We only ask that you notify the management of known absence in the future.
  2. Assisting players and contributing to discussions on the message board and chat room.
  3. Understand the phrase "keep this information private". Distributing confidential information without permission is a breach of the Data Protection Act 1998 (UK), and you may be prosecuted for it. All content is held in the UK, which means our laws apply to it.
  4. Check for updates in the administrator forum and website news them self without having to be told about it.
  5. Most important: Can speak, read, and write English (British).

Due to the nature of the work and confidential information provided, all applicants must be at least 18 years of age. However, if you only have a couple of weeks or months until becoming 18 we will happily hold your application until then.

Finally, I would like to state that if you have never played at Multiplay UK Sven Co-op or have had nothing remotely to do with Multiplay, please don't apply. We wish to get to know people before recruiting them.

You will be provided some training upon acceptance.

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What we don't like you doing

  1. Abusing any administrator resources and access entrusted.
    An example would be applying to give them self and his or her friends god mode and no clip, or kicking players out to allow his or her friends to join.
  2. Spoiling maps for everyone else by rushing ahead, ruining puzzles, or 'hoarding' special areas excessively annoying other players.
    Some maps have various "control" rooms allowing you to do various things to the map. You should not use them to spam and excessively annoy other players. Be fair.
  3. Solely applying for "something to put" on his or her university application form or reference section for employment.
  4. Vanishing off the face of the earth. Absence is no problem, providing we know in advance.

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How to impress us

If you want to impress us even further, see how you match to these points.

  1. Make yourself known on our community and show yourself to be a respectable person.
  2. Show that you have an interest for our community and where it's going.
  3. Experience running servers (especially HLDS).
  4. An understanding of the Half-Life game engine, including various game mods.
  5. An understanding of how IP works.
  6. An understanding of how Internet relay chat and message boards work, and experience using them.

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Sending your application

If you are interested in applying please submit an application form by emailing the manager, Adam Reece.

You do not have to copy the questions into your private message if you don't want to, but please number your answers.

  1. Real name. First and last.
  2. Online / player name.
  3. Date of birth.
  4. Steam ID. I will only accept one, and it must belong to you!
  5. Previous game server administration, leadership, and/or networking experience. If any.
  6. How much time you could offer us.
  7. Any other information you feel is relevant or want to tell us.

Remember to include a subject in your private message so I know what I know what to expect before opening it. "MPUKSC Admin Application" is a sensible one.

Finally, you will not receive a reply until we decide whether you are accepted or not. This could take a couple of weeks, so please don't query your application or send duplicates. We will tell you when our choice is made.

Thank you for your interest in assisting Multiplay UK Sven Co-op.

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