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You are automatically agreeing to these rules and bound to our terms by connecting to any of our gaming servers passing the message of the day.

Category 1: Serious

  1. Abusing, exploiting, or threatening any player or group of players.
  2. Any racism, sexism, nazism, or otherwise discriminatory behaviour towards another player or group of players.
  3. Attempting to fool players to give their Steam account name and password.
  4. Attempting to start a vote to kick/ban against staff.
  5. Cheating by means of using external modifications to the game client of which may violate Valve Corporation's anti-cheat software/policy (i.e. wall hacks, aim bots, speed hacks, etc). In-game scripting functionality is not cheating.
  6. Impersonating a member of staff, whether it be of our community or of the game's development team.
  7. Intentionally terminating game play by means of crashing, freezing, or otherwise halting the game server process.

Category 2: Moderate

  1. Exploiting loopholes in the game code, game worlds/maps, and attachment plug-ins to intentionally disrupt other players' experience, gain excessive unfair advantages, or impair regular operation of the game server.
  2. Exploiting loopholes in the game play or experience system to gain unfair experience or damage the flow of game play.
  3. Using an offensive, vulgar, or otherwise inappropriate name.
  4. Using pornographic or offensive sprays.
  5. Using sprays or chat to post URL's to inappropriate sites, such as pornographic or hack sites.

Category 3: Minor

  1. Advertising other game servers and websites without consent.
  2. Annoying other players by means of spoiling game play, puzzles, objectives, missions, or similar.
  3. Blocking doors, ladders, trains, lifts, or otherwise intentionally obstruct the flow of game play.
  4. Excessive consumption of ammunition, medication kits, armor, HEV battery, and other obtainable items when other players are likely to require it.
  5. Excessive inappropriate use of text chat or voice communications. HLSS and related tools are not permitted.
  6. Excessive use of the voting systems (maps, kicking, etc).
  7. Idling (3 minute limit while a server is half full or more).
  8. Impersonating other players.
  9. Obstructing, hurting, or killing allied players or non-playable characters to intentionally impair your team's effort of success.
  10. Offering free administrator privileges elsewhere.
  11. Profanity intentionally directed towards other players abusively, or excessive use of inappropriate language.

Other notes

Multiplay staff reserve the rights to remove any player if that administrator feels the requirement to do so, enforce rules not explicitly defined in this topic, and create, modify and remove rules without notice.

We'd appriciate it if our players behaved themselves for the benefit of other players around them.

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